Project Description



$135 60 Minutes
$185 90 Minutes
$245 120 Minutes

Fusion is our most popular Massage.
A combination of deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot towels & swedish massage.

$95 30 Minutes
$150 90 Minutes
$195 120 Minutes

A therapeutic treatment designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. This type of body work can be experienced in a lighter or stronger style depending on the individual’s preference.

Deep Tissue
$135 60 Minutes
$185 90 Minutes
$235 120 Minutes

This is an invigorating massage perfect for the person seeking more detailed movements to relieve stress and chronic muscle tension. Slow intense strokes and deep finger pressure penetrate muscles and connective tissue to relax muscle fiber and ease movement.

Medi-Cupping Massage
$195 90 Minutes

90 mins of mobile vaccu-therapy that removes toxins, loosens muscles, and reduces cellulite by draining trapped fluid, and stimulates the flow of fresh blood and lymph tissue.

$115 60 Minutes
$150 90 Minutes
$215 120 Minutes

Total relaxation of mind of body. Incorporates essential oils to produce deep relaxation.

Neuromuscular Release
$150 1 Hour
$200 90 Minutes

On hour of concentrated therapy focusing exclusively on head, neck, shoulders, spine, and tail bone. Utilizing advanced trigger-point and neuromuscular facilitation to focused relief alone nerve pathways and muscular spasms.

Transcendental Integrated Healing
$195 90 Minutes

An experience like no other, this therapy combines 90 minutes of Fusion Massage, Table Top Thai Massage, Reiki, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, and a Refreshing Aura Mist to finish this amazing treatment.

$65 30 Minutes
$95 60 Minutes

A Massage dedicated to working out your problem area. Exclusive attention is paid to areas of specific concern.

$50 30 Minutes

Reiki is an ancient oriental technique used for relaxation and stress reduction that promotes emotional and physical healing through a light, gentle touch.
Reduces stress, relaxes the mind and body, clears energy blocks while promoting a natural balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit. Reduces inflammation,anxiety and pain. Reiki strengthens the immune system and aids in better sleep.

Sinus Relief
$50 30 Minutes

Manipulation of the same regions to relieve pain, pressure, and sinus headaches.

Full Body Scrub

A full body exfoliation followed by massaging in a moisturizer to leave your skin soft and glowing.

$50 30 Minutes
$75 60 Minutes

An ancient non-invasive therapy that uses pressure on specific points located on the feet to effect other parts of the body. Precise pressure on these reflex points releases energy blocks, improves circulation, eliminates toxins, relieves stress and stimulates your natural healing abilities. This technique can be done with the client fully clothed.

$135 60 Minutes

Relaxing for moms-to-be in the second and third trimester, the gentle therapeutic touch of a pregnancy massage can help alleviate backaches, leg cramps and swelling often associated with pregnancy.