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  • cropped-0_TheRitzCarltonDoveMountainSpa1

    Integrative Holistic Therapy

    ​Exclusive to Rejuvenation via certified health/wellness/Nutrition/Practitioner

    • $10060 min
    • $15090 min
    • $195120
  • muscle-melt1


    Fusion is our most popular Massage. A combination of deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot towels & swedish massage.

    • $5030 min
    • $9060 min
    • $12090 min
  • swedish1


    A therapeutic treatment designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. This type of body work can be experienced in a lighter or stronger style depending on the individual’s preference.

    • $4030 min
    • $7060 min
    • $10090 min
  • couple massage

    Couples Massage

    Couples massages are available upon request. Pricing varies.

    • cran

      Craniosacral Therapy

      Allows therapist to “tune into the craniosacral rhythm” and is used to treat mental stress, neck and back pain, migraines, TMJ Syndrome, and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

      • $5030 min
      • $9560 min
    • sinus

      Sinus Relief

      Manipulation of the same regions to relieve pain, pressure, and sinus headaches.

      • $6060 min
    • aromatherapy


      Total relaxation of mind of body. Incorporates essential oils to produce deep relaxation.

      • $9060 min
      • $12590 min
    • target


      A Massage dedicated to working out your problem area. Exclusive attention is paid to areas of specific concern.

      • $4530 min
      • $8060 min
    • hydrotherapy


      The use of specially designed moist heat packs make penetration into the muscle fibers more effective.

      • $5030 min
      • $9060 min
      • $10090 min
    • deep-tissue

      Deep Tissue

      This is an invigorating massage perfect for the person seeking more detailed movements to relieve stress and chronic muscle tension. Slow intense strokes and deep finger pressure penetrate muscles and connective tissue to relax muscle fiber and ease movement.

      • $5530 min
      • $9560 min
      • $12590 min
    • theraputic1

      Aromatouch Technique

      Clinical approach to essential oil application is a powerful way for everyone to experience the healing powers of dōTERRA essential oils. You can address whole body needs and create overall systemic health benefits.

      • $12560 min
    • reflexology1


      An ancient non-invasive therapy that uses pressure on specific points located on the feet to effect other parts of the body. Precise pressure on these reflex points releases energy blocks, improves circulation, eliminates toxins, relieves stress and stimulates your natural healing abilities. This technique can be done with the client fully clothed.

      • $4530 min
      • $7560 min